For Patients


  • Durable and best hemodialyis with large arm veins
  • Vein dilation and enlargment before and after arm fistula surgery ensures best results
  • Arm vein dilation can occur with hand exercises, lifting weights, squuezing a rubber ball
  • Larger veins before surgery ensures best results with dialysis
  • Vein preservation and dilation is important

Phlebotomy (Blood Draw)

  • Blood draws require a small needle in the arm veins.
  • A rubber band or even tourniquet can be applied to dilate your veins at procedure time.
  • Exercising your arms can enlarge your veins.
  • Staying warm and drinking fluids can enlarge your veins before the procedure
  • Doing home exercises with the Fist Assist VIP device can enlarge veins at home

Vein Dilation

  • Having large arm veins before hemodialysis or fistula surgery on the arm is important
  • Enlarging your arm veins before any surgery or procedures is important
  • Hand exercises or lifting weights can enlarge veins
  • Important to enlarge arm veins if at all possible