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February 8-11, 2020 Annual Dialysis Conference, Kansas City, MO

February 19, 2020:  LSI – Emerging Medtech Summit, Newport Beach, CA

February 21-23, 2020: ASDIN, Las Vegas

February 25-28, 2020: Home Hemodilaysis Conference, Canberra, Australia

March 3-6, 2020, Dialysis Technician Conference: NANT, Las Vegas



October 4-6, 2019: Association for Vascular Access, Las Vegas

October 17-19, 2019: Vascular Society of India meeting, Hyderabad India

November 20-24, 2019: Indian Society for Nephrology, Chandigarh, India

November  23, 2019: Veith Vascular Access meeting, NYC

Fist Assist Exhibits:

  • September 13: i-VAS in Paris, France

Press Releases:

Fist Assist Devices, LLC Announces Approval of FACT by University of Chicago Medical Center

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Fist Assist Devices, LLC Announces Formation of Global Medical Advisory Board Led by Dialysis Access Center Medical Director Dr. John Ross

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Please read about Fist Assist around the web:

“A further interesting technology featured in the CX Innovation Showcase was the Fist Assist device which is a novel, non-invasive, low-cost device developed to assist with fistula dilation, venous pre-surgery preparation and to decrease total catheter contact time and fistula development time. According to presenter Tej Singh (Los Altos Hills, USA), initial patient compliance with the device has been favourable and a large pre-fistula surgery study is planned.”

CX Innovation Showcase
London, April 27th, 2017

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“No patients [of FistAssist] experienced thrombosis or adverse effects. Patient compliance and satisfaction was high. After 1 month, the mean percentage increase in vein diameter in the FA treatment group was significantly larger (p=0.05 than controls in the first 5 mm segment of the fistula. Even more impressive was the early rapid enlargement of forearm fistulas compared to upper arm at all segments (p<.05) at one month. All fistulae treated with FA are still functional with no adverse outcomes..”

Medical Device News Magazine
Florida, June 2017

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Past Events: