How does the device work?
We are an external compression device for the arm. We compress the cephalic vein under the skin.
What is the science?
With compression of the vein, the vein will enlarge due to research we have done with basic, exercise and clinical science.
How many batteries does it take?
Two ``AA`` batteries. We highly recommend alkaline batteries.
Can I get it wet?
No. Getting it wet can damage the circuit board
Who created the device?
This novel device was created by Stanford University trained Vascular Surgeon Dr. Tej Singh


Where on my arm do I apply it?
Best to apply below the shoulder, above the elbow, making sure black box lines up with your thumb.
Do I put it on tight?
Not super tight, just an easy application is all that is needed.
Can I run with the device on?
At the present time, we recommend you sit or lie with the device on to avoid major movement with activity.
How many hours a day do I wear it?
At least 2 hours per day recommended. Can be worn 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in afternoon
What if it moves on my arm?
Just slightly increase the tightness, but not super tight please.


What if the device double beeps?
Means the device is sensing a pressure or must be reset. Replace batteries or do hard reset by holding the button for 5 seconds.
How do I turn it on?
Hold the start button for 2 seconds then release.
How do I turn it off?
Press and release the center button by our logo.
How do I change batteries?
Battery compartment is on back. Make sure batteries are fresh alkaline batteries in the proper orientation
How can I do a hard reset the device?
Resetting the device can be done by taking out the batteries for 5 seconds.
When do I change the batteries?
When device color light goes to yellow.
Damaged or not working?
Please refer to the website information at www.fistassistusa.com for contacting customer service to discuss or possibly return the device for inspection or refund.
How do I contact Fist Assist Devices, LLC
We can be reached through our website information on www.fistassistdevices.com or via email at info@fistassistdevices.com
What is the USA warranty?
The Fist Assist has a 30 day return policy no questions asked as long as the device is not damaged. The device has a 1 year full warranty for malfunction after an inspection. Please refer to our sales website at www.fistassistusa.com for details and refund/return procedures. International sales please contact your vendor.