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Vein Dilation

  • Enlarged veins allow for successful AV Fistula surgery for hemodialysis
  • Vein Dilation important for pre and post fistula placement
  • Veins at least 2.5 cm or larger in forearm and 3.5 cm or larger in upper arm ideal
  • Larger veins pre-surgery allows for better vein dilation after fistula surgery and faster maturation
  • Multiple studies have confirmed large veins and vein dilation important

The Technology

  • Intermittent, focal pneumatic compression balloon worn on arm.
  • Focal compression of the arm superficial compartment.
  • Focal, intermittent compression on the cephalic vein and its branches
  • Pressure of 60 mm Hg for 20 seconds compression
  • Intermittent nature allows for repeated compressions altering the vein biology with changes in flow, pressure and biochemical changes

Clinical Data

  •  Enrolling FACT (Fist Assist Clinical Trial @ The University of Chicago): Presurgery trial, Dr. Mary Hammes (PI).

Intellectual Property

  • US patent: 8,231,558 B12: Hemodialysis Vein Preparation Apparatus and Methods
  • Method and Technique patent from USPTO
  • International patents in place